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Guardian Venture (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a progressive bumiputra company which has been established for 5 years in Malaysia. Currently, we are providing services in the petroleum retailing industry.

Our Commitment

To see a client as a partner
mutual trust being indispensable.

To build upon this trust, a long term
relationship meaningfully satisfying
and mutually rewarding.

To grow shared beliefs, shared hopes
and dreams, with out partners.

To always set our sight further, further
in belief that the best must get better.

To give our clients not what they want,

but what they need, for their image as
practitioners with a point of view, a
backbone, instead of a company too
willing to do as they are told.

To conduct our business with integrity and
honesty, to the extent that we are recognized
as a company whose professionalism is
beyond reproach.

Best Available Technology Not Entailing
Excessive Cost

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Send all Queries & Feedback to: sales@guardianventure.com
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