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Product Representation by Guardian Venture (M) Sdn. Bhd.

We exclusively represent underground piping and underground tank monitoring systems of selected vendors. The diagram below shows the overview of the underground piping and underground tank monitoring systems. The following section highlights some of the products that are exclusively represented by Guardian Venture (M) Sdn. Bhd.

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Overview of Underground Piping and Task Monitoring System

Advanced Flexible Underground Piping System

Advanced Polymer Technology

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Double-containment continuous
flexible lines.

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Single containment continuous
flexible lines.

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Marina and above ground

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Dispenser sumps

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Tanks sumps

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FRC manhole covers


The Complete System Solution for Environmental Security, Ease of Installation and Cost Effectiveness.

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dote.gif (923 bytes) Environmental Security
dote.gif (325 bytes) Ease of Installation
dote.gif (325 bytes) Cost Effectiveness
  • Pressure or suction application
  • All fuels UL/ULC listed
  • Directy burial or secondary containment
Environmental Security
No buried fittings or joints. All fitting accesible in piping chamber or under-dispenser sumps.
Complete system design for total security.
Minimum interstitial secondary volume for rapid leak detection.
Withstands frost and seismic movements.
Complete secondary containment.

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Sumps shown with APT 5-Way fitiing, Tee and 90 Elbow connection.

Underground Piping Concerns

  • Elimination of buried joints and fittings
Fuel Compatibility
  • UL and ULC listed for all fuels, including methanol, ethanol, and alcohol blends.
Installation Labour
  • Primary and secondary piping roll out in a single pass for rapid installation.
Installation Cost
  • Reduction of nistallation labor provides competitive total costs on installed systems, both secondary containment and direct burial.
  • No special coupling tools needed.
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